Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Don't Do Foolish Stuff...

My Dad always said, "If you are gonna do something foolish, make sure there are no cameras around."

It's no surprise that Facebook has firmly embedded itself as a part of our lifestyle.  What's more is that many people have their accounts wide open to the public where anyone can view anything.  So, if you were to get tagged in a friend's photo doing something very foolish, even I can see it.  Just because you casually post something, don't think you may not suffer the consequences should something go awry...

While cruising Facebook earlier this evening, I saw a photo of a friend tagged in his department's training photo, and it sparked my curiosity.   It seems that they have taken a Conex container and built a training prop out back behind their station.  Cool, not every one has a training tower available.  From the looks of it, there are several features added to it to maximize the potential.  I'm down with it.  A vertical ventilation prop on the top.  I dig it.  A window in the end for VES victim removal.  Absolutely.  A burn chamber.  Okay, so long as you have qualified instructors running it, I'm still with you. Couches, tables and other furnishings.  Uh..in the flow path near the vent...you guys are losing me.  Boiling black smoke pushing from the container.  Yeah, this reeks of diesel throwing and tire burning, I'm out... Then I see the rest of the album, and the hijinks only get better. 

Guys attacking fires without their regulators clipped in.
Hoods are apparently optional.
A fella snapping photos in his bunker pants and a t-shirt...inside the container.
Surefire evidence that more than pallets and straw are being burned.
A fireman watching the show, just inside the door wearing no gear with his head just below the vicious black poison.

So my question is this?  If something happens to you while partaking in training that you know is wrong, do you deserve the same death benefit as the man that risked his life to save another?  Are you, by your own free will unprotected by PPE, deserving of the same benefit as the fireman that kept himself heart healthy, rode to the call belted in, wore his SCBA throughout the incident, operated within his department's SOG's and was killed by sudden collapse?  Do you deserve the city monument, annual scholarship golf tournament, and memorial t-shirt that will be made in honor of your memory?  Hell no you don't.

Let's be realistic. Let's say a guy does get hurt.  How do you explain this to his family?  Do you show them the photos on your facebook album?  No, ya can't do that!  Do you tell them he died heroically training in a manner that will get him killed on the street (or obviously in one of your jacked up training sessions)?  No ya can't do that either!  What are you left to do?  I reckon the only thing you can do is shrug your shoulders and play dumb, because that's how you acted.  Just know you'll probably be looking at those pictures along with a judge and 12 of your peers.

As dangerous as this job can be, why contribute to it?  Sorry Dad, I've gotta one up you.  "Don't do foolish stuff."

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  1. It's all fun and games til someone gets hurt or killed, we have to quit showing how tough we are by being stupid.