Monday, May 12, 2014

Blowing the dust off

Those of you who are left on the distribution list just got an e-mail stating there was a new post from this site. I assure you it's not junk mail. For over 2 years I've let this site lay dormant, and it's been months since I've looked at the account. But I thought I would give it a gander and see what was up. After all, the grass is cut, the 4 year old is napping, the wife is at work, and the other kids are at school. Needless to say, I'm up to no good. I am giving strong consideration into actually writing some more. But this time it'll be different, and I'll get to that part in a little while.

 I can't lie to ya, for a long time I really used my efforts here trying to make a name for myself, and in some ways I did. I fed off of the fact that the readership grew way past where I thought it ever would. I tried to write more and more, stay relevant, get more likes therefore increasing my page views, get my name out there, and go off and be somebody. I ranted, wrote about hot topics, and stayed visible. It wore me down. Then I left it, and I wrote a bit for some jam up people, got a few articles published, and then simply vanished. A lot of people wondered why. I just couldn't stand it any more. I met some awesome people with whom I'll remain friends until I take my last breath upon this earth. I met some real douchebags too, and frankly I was becoming one of them.

 Today's fire service is so different that it ever has been. Everything is online, info is available at hand, and anybody can have their say on any thing. Being honest with you (I always have), a lot of the big arena stuff you see is more of a popularity contest than anything else. I don't buy into that. Yes, the major players in this game crank out more good information now that they ever have, but let's face it, if you ain't writing, lecturing, posting shit loads of pictures online, sharing, liking, and getting your hands in the visible part of the fire service then how do you expect people to know who you are? That's a fallacy, but one that I believed in for a long time. Realistically, I could give a shit less if anyone knows me any more. And I don't give a damn about traveling 1000 miles away from home to teach people I'll never see again. Being "that guy" used to be something that I thought I wanted. Now, I want to be a good husband to my wife, be a good father to my sons, and be a good firemen to the people who need me the most. To hell with chasing fame, I just want to be the best fireman I can be.

 So, speaking of the differences in this site for the future. There'll be no more WTJ Facebook Page, because I don't promote me. I only want to promote good firemanship and that's it. In fact, I'll not share these articles on my own facebook (which I rarely use nowadays). I'll not post links to other sites, not unless I know damn sure who is behind it. There will be a few links, but rest assured there will be NO douchebags included. If you are reading anything I write in the future, it's because someone else pointed you this way. Honestly, this is an outlet for me. The writing will be infrequent, inflammatory, and infused with brutal honesty with no ulterior motives. I don't care to make a name for me. If you like it, cool and if not that's cool too.


  1. Welcome back, glad to have you!

  2. Welcome to where I ended up 7 years ago! It was a long journey and I cannot believe I wasted so much time on shit that didnt matter. I lost sight of what meant most in the pursuit of a fallacy. It's aggravating to think I was so stubborn to have not seen it. Some things you just can't explain to people they just need to experience, see or deal with it themselves. You're a good friend, I'm proud of you, I've learned from you and you reassure me that the future of this great job is not lost. Keep your powder dry pal! -Royall

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